Light muses

Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the past few days.

Something exciting happened last week.

I received the most surprising phone call from a customer I helped three years ago. Yes, a long time ago. I was a student working in a photography lab and I helped her with some post-production work, colour corrections and restoration of images that were going to be published in a book.

She was certainly one of my favourite customers; a local Melbourne artist and a former president of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria.

I gave her my number because I wanted to see the outcome of her project. She was publishing a book which included a collaboration of her own paintings and poems from a local poet. She met the poet by chance and they began sharing their work. They soon realised that their paintings and poems corresponded with one other immensely. Almost as if the poems were describing the paintings. Quite amazing since they both have different life paths, generations and disciplines.

I graduated and I found another job so I left and never saw her again. Three years have passed. I got married, I moved out, I changed jobs and honestly during those three years I always wondered about her. At the time we developed a nice friendship, she'd tell me about her grown up children and I'd tell her about my wedding plans (she even bought me an engagement gift).

So as you can imagine when I received her call I was really quite surprised. I couldn't believe she still had my number. We had a long chat of catching up, she asked me about my married life and what I've been up to. Then she told about the progress of her book and that it's finally published. She wanted to send me a copy because she felt that I was an important part of the project. She praised me and repeatedly said how pleased she was with all the images of her paintings.

How fabulous is she? I feel so overwhelmed by her kindness, I love that she thought of me and she maintained her promise to call me after all these years. Her appreciation of my work blew-me-away and it was such an encouragement. It makes me think twice about how I appreciate others.When was the last time I went out of my way to show my appreciation for someone who has helped me?

A simple thank you is never too late!

I received her book a few days ago; light muses.

X Farrah


  1. That's wonderful that even after 3 years she took the time to call you and even send you a copy of the book! Sounds like a great friend!

  2. I know right? Amazing customer.

  3. How wonderful that she kept your number and a promise to contact you. And what a wonderful book to receive too. You obviously made an impression on her too :)

  4. So cool! I will be taking BW film photography this semester I may have to give you a call!! haha I know NOTHING about film- should be an experience:)

  5. Aw Thanks L!

    That's exciting Kristen! BW film is beautiful. I hope you get to learn to do your own processing because that's a lot of fun.

  6. what a heart warming story and it looks like a beautiful book.