Hangin out with 24-70

Today - hang outs with the husband and the 24-70 lens in the beautiful Melbourne city.

Melbourne is beautiful. Even if it was supposed to be sunny all day but ended up being overcast. It's amazing what you can find in the little laneways and hidden cafe's and boutique stores. I'm not brave enough to go on my own on some of the mysterious laneways where it's a little secluded, that's what husbands are for! My personal security guard.

Played with a little composition. Thank you to the hub for taking a few photos of me, he was very patient with my instructions.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!


 x Farrah


  1. great photos farrah! looking forward to hearing more about the 24 - 70 xx

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the lighting in the last shot. I can't wait to see more photos with the 24 - 70. Looks like you had a wonderful day. :)

  3. Thank you B! It was so heavy lol

    Thanks Jessica! It's one of my favs too, we were lucky to get a small glimpse of the sun!

  4. I know just what you mean! I'm a very cautious person when it comes to wandering on my own, and I can't wait till I have a boy friend/husband to drag all over the place with me. :D

    Your husband sounds really sweet. I love reading blogs and hearing about all the sweet guys out there who are so patient with their girls - it gives me hope. <3

    In reply to your comment: I have spent all week sweating in 90 degree weather. The southern hemisphere can have summer if they want it, as far as I'm concerned!

  5. Hehe well I wouldn't mind swapping!!! I'll have your summer you have my winter, let's do it.

  6. I love the last one. I love the lighting it is gorgeous. The out of focus background makes me so curious as to what is behind you! I love it really :)

  7. A street and a few cars, Delaney hehe. Thanks for stopping by x