My lovely and gorgeous friend Bianca from Oh my! Creative.

Isn't she stunning? I was testing the light at a wedding we photographed on Saturday. I love love love natural lighting and of course natural beauty.What a perfect combination!

It was the first time Bianca and I officially worked together, and I must say she is so easy to work with, she's definitely a keeper.

Oh so many more photos to share with you. Soon I promise x

Healthy recipe - let's do this. Chilli Con Carne

As promised to my lovely facebook friends (and perhaps my blog readers would like this too). A few healthy recipe's will be posted here from time to time.

Here's my husband's favourite healthy version of the chilli con carne adapted from the amazing Sally Bee. Once you make this, you'll never find the need to buy ready-made Mexican spices. Don't be afraid of the big ingredients list, it's really quite simple to make and all of those items can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Since living in Sydney both Wayne and I have lost around 5kg's because we're walking around everywhere and I'm exercising everyday. Back in Melbourne we'd spend at least 2 hours on the train to and from work, and now we are a 5 min walk to work. All that extra time is spent at the gym or cooking healthy meals. So good!

Serves 4.

450g extra lean minced beef
extra-virgin olive oil
1 large onion, peeled and finely chopped
2 garlic gloves, peeled and crushed
2 fresh red chillies, deseeded and chopped
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp paprika
pinch of cayenne pepper
400g can chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato puree (paste)
600ml salt-reduced beef stock
ground black pepper
400g can red kidney beans, drained
chopped fresh coriander leaves, to serve
low-fat natural yoghurt, to serve

1. In  a large, lidded saucepan, dry-fry the minced beef until brown over high heat. Drain off any fat. Turn down the heat to medium-low and add a little olive oil and then add the onion and garlic and cook gently until softened.

2. Add the chillies and all the spices and continue frying, stirring occasionally for a few minutes.

3. Add the canned tomatoes, tomato paste and stock. Stir well and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer gently for 15 minutes or until liquid is reduced.

4. Season with pepper and add the drained kidney beans. Cover and heat through for another 30 minutes, adding a little stock if needed.

5. Serve with sprinkled coriander and a dollop of yoghurt with some brown rice or salad of your choice. If you're having rice, keep it to just 1/4 of a cup of cooked rice per bowl if you are intending to lose weight. Otherwise 1/2 cup if you're maintaining your weight.

 Let me know if you try this :)

Quality time.

Hello all!

Just a quick update from me in sunny Sydney. Still loving it here, and it's sad to think that those 6 months might end up being shorter than anticipated.

Working in Sydney has given Wayne and I an amazing opportunity for some quality time together exploring and adventuring on glorious weather days here, what a blessing! Some photos of our adventures below.

These were all taken with the fifty one point eight. True. Also credit to the husband for taking a few of me.

With love,


She's always singing...

I had a visit the other day from a dear Melbournian friend, she's more like a younger sister that I never had. We shall call her Miss K. She stayed the night with us and we had a little adventure and by adventure I mean shopping, walking around exploring Sydney singing silly songs.
Miss K is getting baptised next week proclaiming her faith to the world in front of her friends and family. A pretty bold move for a pretty amazing lady. I'm very excited for her. It's going to be a priviledge to see her next week making that commitment.

So while walking around I took the 5DMKII out for a play, I miss film already. Is this a good or a bad thing?

I will leave you with this song - so much happiness. Happy Wednesday y'all.