Manna on the Mount

A few months ago I was given the opportunity to take photos for a friend's 21st. I had a lovely time and it was great getting to know her friends and family. This lovely friend of mine surprised me with a gift voucher at a beautiful hidden b&b called Manna on the Mount.

Manna on the Mount is a not-for-profit retreat accommodation for married couples. A place of peace and quiet and a chance for couples to spend quality time to communicate and relax without all the distractions of life. I love the idea behind it, what an amazing ministry.

Wayne and I had a great time of relaxation, prayer and reflection. I highly recommend Manna on the Mount, Lesley was a great host and everything was perfect. The cottage has an interior of a French Provincial style so of course I went crazy clicking away and taking photos of every detail.

As we arrived we found afternoon tea set up on the dining room table and a generous breakfast hamper included in the fridge, too good.

To avoid any disappointments please note that the Manna is not available for holiday or emergency accommodation.

Visit their website:


  1. just gorgeous. so happy you have started your blog you talented thing xx

  2. Thanks B, you're awesome! thanks for helping out. Can't wait to blog about your talented work! xx

  3. Beautiful photos Farrah! You have such a talent and eye for photography! :D

  4. loving your way of looking at life. what camera do you use?

  5. hey farrah...manna on the mount looks relaxing and peaceful...i want to go there!!! that is after i get married....
    thanks for sharing..

  6. :) You should definitely go Rita it's beautiful. <3 Thanks for stopping by my website.