Nikon EM with Kodak TRI-X 400

Meet Nikon EM.

This is a camera that my father passed on to me. The ever so compact Nikon SLR, I seriously love this camera. There are bits and pieces of the camera that don't work like the shutter speed scale inside the view finder but I managed without it. I generally got used to not having a light meter with my Mamiya 645.
The photos are not exposed properly but I guess this is an on going learning journey with understanding the right combinations between speed, aperture and ISO. When I picked up the film I was worried that the image consultant would say to me "sorry this film is blank" and I'd look like a complete fool. Thankfully it wasn't a big fail.

I carried this camera around with me without my digital SLR. I figured I didn't want to have to choose between cameras, and I thought it was more of a challenge. It sure was!

It's quite easy to use if you'd like to start learning photography manually. It's also cheap on ebay and there are some amazing tips and information on how to use it here like how to roll the film etc. Get on to it!

Check out the snaps I took below, these are unedited apart from sizing for the blog. Sorry. So. Many. Self. Portraits.

By the way, Melbourne residents. You'd be mad if you haven't been to Il Bacaro Cucina E Bar! Delicious delicious delicious.

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