Sneak preview: Sarah & Jason Engagement.

A very cheeky sneak preview of Sarah and Jason. Can't wait to show you more! I had so much fun with this gorgeous couple.

xx Farrah

Maternity Photoshoot with Deb

Oh how I loved this day. For one, how gorgeous are pregnant women? Particularly this lovely friend. And two, Deb knew exactly how to pose. I never finished my sentences for direction, I'd say 'Just do..' and she'd do it. By the end of the session we'd giggle about it.
We took these photos around my parents home (thank you Mum and Dad) I came down from Sydney for Mim's wedding and had a few days free to take photos of Deb.
Deb has already given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Ray. Congratulations Deb x

Wedding: Mim & Hendra - Warragul, Victoria.

When Miriam (Mim) asked me to photograph her wedding via email, I never thought I'd ever photograph a wedding, ever. Photography has always been hobby for me, and it still is. But of course I said yes and boy was I in for a fun ride.

I met Mim a few years ago through my church. She and her family are missionaries overseas and have been for many years, in fact I don't think they speak much English at home.

So I suppose it's only natural that Mim met the love of her life during her mission work. Both Mim and Hendra work in a remote area in South East Asia, they say it's very much like a jungle in the middle of no where. What they do is amazing and quite admirable for such a young couple. Mim is studying to be a nurse and works at the medical clinic and Hendra is a principal at the local school. 

Now this blows my mind. They also look after little Leigh who you'll see quite often in the photos below, an aspiring photographer (he was carrying this little plastic camera everywhere) with the most vibrant personality. Leigh is 3 years old and came to the medical clinic in a very critical condition. His mother died of cancer and his father couldn't look after him so ever since Mim and Hendra have looked after him.

The highlight for me was definitely Mim getting ready with her family because her family are laid back, funny and insanely unorganised but most importantly very family oriented which is really amazing to experience. At one point I was looking for a shirt then later trying to find make-up foundation...all while still clicking away trying to photograph as much as I can.

Mim and Hendra thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know you both and be apart of your day. <3 <3