Mamiya M645 with Kodak portra 400 120

Happy Friday!

I've been experimenting with medium format cameras. Dare I say, I enjoy using film more than digital. I love the feeling of waiting for a film to be processed. Waiting to see if I've over/under exposed or if the camera actually works. Plus, I find film produces better images.

I'm in love with this Mamiya. Ah, every time I say Mamiya, I feel the need to burst out in Mama Mia - Abba song.

Apart from not having a light meter, it's a great camera and I enjoy using the waistline view finder as it helps me experiment with different angles I would have never tried if I was using my usual SLR.

This is the first film I've processed with the mamiya, not so bad.

That's me in the scarf :)

xx Farrah


  1. lovely pictures
    I enjoy taking pictures analog as well

  2. these are great! I love the scarf lady portrait (I'm just a portrait fanatic)!

  3. I have always shot digital, but i've always envied those who can skillfully use film camera. These are beautiful!! My favorites are the leaf pictures. I love the contrasting colors. Can't wait to follow your blog:)

  4. Thanks Cindy :)

    Ah that's me with the scarf - my work colleague took that one :)
    My next film will have more portraits!

    Thank you Kristin, I love the contrasting colours too.

  5. Oh my goodness beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!


  6. Amazing Farrah - number 4 is my favourite!!!!

  7. favourite shot is number four and the shot with you.
    just lovely xx

  8. Fellow photographer here, these shots are stunning and crisp. I'm even more inspired that these are taken from a film camera. Glad I stumbled across this post!

    DoublClik Photo Blog

  9. Love that fourth picture and the one of the streetlight too! :D

  10. Oh my, thank you all for your lovely comments!

  11. These are stunning! You have a great eye for this!

  12. Beautiful pics. Love the ones with the blossom.

  13. seriously beautiful my dear!