Paris on 120 Film | Kodak Portra 400 | Mamiya M645

I'm going through a bit of a travel bug at the moment, so it's only fitting to share more travel photos! When we went to Europe last year, I carried a Mamiya, a Canon MKII and my iPhone. I kinda wish I only took my film camera, it was really just such a delight to spend time on each photo in contrast to snapping a million on my digital.

In saying that, I also wish I took more film in Paris but I was rather sick and wasn't feeling up for it most of our stay and sadly it was raining most of the time.

We stayed 9 days in Paris at the beautiful Hôtel du Panthéon which we absolutely loved. We thought staying in it was far less touristy. It was close to Rue Mouffetard which has some amazing selections of restaurants, cafe's, butchers, bakeries and by far the best creperie at Chez Nico. The first photo below is Wayne and I after a long day shopping around Paris, ended up back at a cafe on Rue Mouffetard called "Le Verre à Pied" which we then found out was a used in the film Amelie, one of my favourite movies!

How beautiful is Paris?


1, 2, 3...BOOM.

Mel & Adam at their engagement shoot in Nundle, NSW. More to come from this beautiful couple. These guys don't know how to take a bad photo that's for sure.

Santorini & Athens on Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-x 400 | Mamiya M645

What can I say? If there was one country I would go back to over and over it would be Greece. The people, the food, the culture...everything is just amazing.
The first few photos are of my husband who was absolutely captivated and totally impressed by a guitarist playing in one of the laneways in Athens, he was from Bulgaria trying to make ends meet. Wayne spent so much time getting to know him. So after a while I took out my Mamiya and took some photos. I'm so glad I did.