Hello friends,

I've realised I haven't posted anything in a while. I seem to be drowning in a gigantic puddle of photos to edit. The way I would describe myself lately would be... working full time during the day waking up at 5am then coming back home at 6pm turning on the laptop and editing for endless hours (while watching Korean drama), late night coffees, smudged eye make up, and the occasional frequent chocolate fix to keep me going.
I must say though, I am loving it. I wrote a Facebook status the other day saying how much of a privilege it is to photograph people who are in love. Being surrounded by family and friends in a happy environment makes me ridiculously hyper active after every wedding (I'm literally singing out loud in the car back home).

What's more, every single wedding speech I listen to I get this silly grin on my face and I start to think about my amazing husband and  how blessed I am to have him. So when I'm home, my husband gets a super mushy Farrah, and I'm pretty sure he loves that.

So despite the busyness of it all, I see the blessing and the positive sides to it and I am thoroughly grateful. Any 14 hour day job that makes you energetic and hungry for life is a sign of a dream job.

In other news...I've been shooting more film, meeting more photographers and finding inspiration through artists. I'm looking at less wedding photography and more art blogs, constantly my mind is blown. It's such a refreshing feeling to not have to compare my work to other photographers and look outside the square for inspiration.

How are you lately?


(All images taken on my iPhone and by me)