Travel plans. Am I coming to your city?

Hello lovely readers!

I am sorry for the lack of posting but have been a busy bee myself with many photography projects. I'm finding it hard working full time and working late nights editing photos but I'm getting there slowly.

I wanted to drop in quickly to inform you that I am heading to Europe from late June to early August this year. If you are a reader of my little blog and live somewhere in Austria, Sweden, France, Belgium or Greece (Greek islands) get in touch with me as I'd love to hang out with you! especially if you'd like to have a photo session :)

The last time I was in Europe was in 2006, I was studying in France in a little town north of Paris called Amiens. I made beautiful friends, which I hope to catch up with while I'm there. I can't wait to drive around Austria and see all the magical landscapes, and I'm looking forward to seeing my friend's newborn in Belgium, see my uncle and his family in Sweden and have a nice vacation in Greece with my darling husband.

I'm ridiculously excited. Really. You should see my grin right now.

Get in touch with me Europe readers!



  1. OH I wish! I was in Greece in November, how cool would that have been to meet up in Greece! I adored Greece, you have to get to Santorini!

    Let me know if you are ever in Minnesota LOL

    1. I KNOW! I was actually going to email you for any accommodation recommendations you have for Greece! I remember seeing your blog post about your trip. Definitely going to Santorini!

      Haha one day I'll make it to the US - I will certainly try to visit you :)

  2. That's so exciting! We are planning to go to Austria, France and Belgium towards the end of this year so be sure to report back with beautiful photos!! :)

    1. Oooh you do lots of travels don't you? I will certainly report back! with bazillion photos no doubt.