Work Christmas Party snaps.

Hi all

This weekend my husband and I flew back to Melbourne for his work's Christmas party. It was probably one of the nicest parties I've been to so kudos to the organisers. There's an emphasis on family and having the children running around being silly was certainly a highlight. So of course I had my camera with me snapping away - mainly of the children being so adorable.

My husband being skinny and 6"4 has somehow ended up being Santa for the kids on the day. I must say he did a pretty fine job. You'll find a photo of me with him if you scroll down, oh dear.




  1. Hey Farrah - was great to meet you last weekend and you've captured some fantastic shots :)

  2. These are brilliant shots, Farrah! Looks like it was great!

  3. Oh it was lovely to meet you and your husband-to-be Jess. Thank you!! xx

    And also thank you dear Jessica, you have been a great support from the beginning with this little blog. Thanks for always stopping by xx

  4. Always love your work Farrah!!

  5. Awesome photos!! Nice to meet you last weekend.

  6. These are awesome photos. You tell a story with pictures so well! That pouty little boy is aDORable! I just want to eat him up. Abbotsford Convent is such a fantastic space for a party.