Maternity Photoshoot with Deb

Oh how I loved this day. For one, how gorgeous are pregnant women? Particularly this lovely friend. And two, Deb knew exactly how to pose. I never finished my sentences for direction, I'd say 'Just do..' and she'd do it. By the end of the session we'd giggle about it.
We took these photos around my parents home (thank you Mum and Dad) I came down from Sydney for Mim's wedding and had a few days free to take photos of Deb.
Deb has already given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Ray. Congratulations Deb x


  1. Wonderful photos, I really like how the window looks like it's covered with raindrops in black and white. Also, she is very pretty, you've captured her wonderfully.

  2. Lovely photos Farrah! She reminds me of Jamie Oliver's wife Jools :)

  3. Thanks Lorraine <3 SO nice you can stop by x