Brendan & Rose - FIND workshop | Hunter Valley, NSW

A few months ago in July I had the privilege of attending Jonathan Canlas's film workshop. Having heard so many wonderful things about his teaching, I decided to go knowing that I would definitely benefit for it.

Jonathan's Film Is Not Dead workshop focuses on how to use film and the benefits of using it.  Then we apply our learning using our own Film cameras and practice with wonderful real-life couples and families with Jon's guidance. To put it simply, it was really amazing. I learned a lot and I met some great photographers. We had endless late chats and laughs while eating great food prepared by Nicole Spears. I'll never forget it!

The timing of the workshop itself was perfect. I've been at cross roads with my photography, not  knowing exactly where I was heading. Do I continue working a 9-5 job? or do I take the risk to pursue photography full time?
My obstacles with photography has always been with finding my own voice. But towards the end of the workshop we were all in tears by the overwhelming realisation that who you are as a person and what defines your voice begins at home. I certainly want to take that journey, begin at home and photograph what I love most.

After the workshop, I was off to the USA and was so inspired to shoot completely in film and throughout our trip I was thinking of personal projects that I wanted to start. I also thought about taking the risk and quitting my day job to focus on photography, and I made that decision. Thanks Jonathan Canlas!

To start of with I've shared some photos of Brendan & Rose below, one of our lovely couples who modeled for us.

Photos developed by Raw Digital & Film Lab


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