two thousand & twelve

 Photos by Film Photographer Miguel Varona. (Paris, Montmatre)

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013. I know, I'm a little late to the review party.

Year 2012 has been a busy year and somewhat a blur. I never would have thought I'd end up doing Wedding Photography...let alone 10 of them while working full time and spending all my spare time editing. I STILL haven't had the chance to look at my Europe photos apart from Vienna. Crazy Busy. That's how I would describe 2012. I laugh at the idea of Wayne and I saying that we would chill a bit more this year. Yeah. That didn't happen.

So what happened this year for me?

- Lots of travelling this year see blog post here for the highlights, 6 weeks in Europe over to Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Greece. An amazing time together with my husband. Also the best hang outs with my Uncle and his family in Sweden. Best of all, our photoshoot together in Paris with Miguel Varona.

- Being thankful everyday with Wayne. We ask eachother 'What are you thankful for today?' has helped us be more positive.

- The challenges of cooking FODMAP for Wayne, which means mostly gluten-free and fructose free. Thank God that it's now only gluten free. Not cooking with garlic and onion was too hard for me.

- Obsessing over anime/comics/manga and anything Korean (thanks Sonja).

- I cut my hair short, for the first time in a long time!

- Meeting SO many wonderful photographers and other creatives in the industry. I've never been so inspired in my life.

- Attending Jonas Peterson's workshop is also another event which allowed me to meet and network with more photographers and learn that I'm on the right track! win!

- My favourite photoshoot of Miss K. It was  a photoshoot that made me appreciate the beauty of natural light (see post here and here).

- Of course there was more film experimenting (blog posts here, here, and here)

- And playing with animated GIFs - see blog post here

- The year of Instagram! definitely gets a mention - see blog post here

- Getting a mention in this online mag - here

- Weddings...oh weddings. How I love them! and what an amazing privilege to be involved in such a happy day.  With me working full time I managed to do 10 weddings (see posts here) and second shooting for Dan O'Day, Bianca Cash, Scout from White Wall Photography and Samm Blake. Holy Moly!

- Being blown away by some amazing Music albums this year from Anberlin's Vital, Further Seems Further's Penny Black and Eisley's EP Deep Space.

I always like to end my yearly reviews mentioning my husband, my partner in life.

To Wayne, my dearest husband,

This year marks our three year anniversary as a married couple. We've certainly learnt a lot about each other and how we work as a team. A highlight for me has been learning the process of making a good decision with you. It's been an interesting journey since we are both very opinionated (cough cough).
Wayne you are pro-active, a quick decision maker (sometimes impulsive), you want to tick the box and get it out of the way whereas I take my time (sometimes too much time) to analyse and think of the best possible outcome. Both can be good, both can be bad depending on the situation but together we fill the gaps and compliment each other. That's what relationships are all about, finding each others strengths and weaknesses and building each other up.
Thank you for your support and encouragement while I work two jobs, for your patience as I spend less time with you and for your help around the house when I was barely there. I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals without you! It's been a tough year, but needless to say we are both hard workers, very determined and love to make the most of life. I wouldn't have it any other way. You are my best friend, and I love you so much. 



  1. Faaarrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh!!! What the wow!!!!! such an awesome achievement to do all in 1 year. Definitely a big cheers for 2013 and ahead. Your work is amazing miss Farrah!!!!

  2. ps. i forgot to mention. truly cray cray year for you!!!! :)))))))

    1. hehehe I should mention cray in there somewhere :P
      Thanks Luisa for your encouragement and support this year. xx

  3. im glad 2012 introduced us to each other! all the best for the next 365 days and beyond. it will be rad for you im sure. xx

    1. Thank you Samm for your lovely words. My mission in 2013 is to steal all your pretty dresses :P xx

  4. Ana ahibkee hyatti! You're so precious and your work is amazing, I'm glad I can help you achieve your dreams! Love you always!

  5. Holy moly, a stellar year for you... and I'm even more excited to see what's to come in 2013! I just know already with your talent it is bound to be great! xx

  6. a very busy but wonderful year!
    2013 is gonna be even better : )

  7. I feel very fortunate to meet you, spend these moments with you was unforgettable for us. a big hug from Spain.

  8. I know this is a bit after the fact but I just discovered your blog! This post made me cry haha. Beautiful photos and you're so good with words :)