Kate | Mamiya with 120 Kodak tri-x film.

I can't believe it took me this long to develop this film, I took it all the way back in February. I was doing a fun shoot with my friend Kate, and I know a lot of you have seen this shoot here, it's one my favourite shoots ever. It was only up until the last few minutes that I remembered I had my Mamiya in the car, so I grabbed it and took a few snaps.

Oh boy, these are unedited and I am in love. Film grain, dust, the lot is just magical.


  1. These are so beautiful Farrah! It always blows my mind that when you get the film back, you don't have to edit it! Or want to for that matter...
    Love the contrast tri-x gives you - now I just need a medium format to use my rolls!

  2. The beauty of film is astounding. I really need to find a good print lab and stop being so intimidated of my medium format cams because you're making it incredibly hard to resist!!

    1. Do it Kate :) but I'm afraid it will be truly hard to go back to digital.

  3. good grief. come take photos for me. please.


  4. I am beyond in love, I.am.speechless.

    Farrah, you are a rare talent, don't ever doubt your gift!!!

  5. Wow! I love these! I really want to start doing more with film! The light is SO yummy in these!