Well a quick update from me. I'm back in Melbourne while my husband is nerding it up in Sydney. I've decided to come back for a few reasons, but the main one is that we were re-located to the west of Sydney which pretty much sucks! and I didn't want to have to pay for my commute from the west to the city for work especially if I already have paid for my public transport here in Melbourne.
My husband is visiting me every weekend which is fine, and it's only for another 2 months. It's a good opportunity for me to catch up with family and friends during the week.

We have some exciting plans to travel mid year - not ready to share info yet but I will soon (promise).

Somehow the word is getting out and a few brides have already approached me about wedding photos. If you are a person spreading the word out there about my work, I thank you very much!

I will leave you with photos I took of Bianca (from Oh my Creative)  tonight - this gorgeous empty land across from my home has the most amazing views of sunsets and mister moon made an appearance.


  1. hair & sundown.... my ultimate picture faves... and it's so beautiful.

    you're capture my heart

  2. beautiful time of the day!

  3. I love love love sunsets too - the best natural lighting for photography. Thanks ladies x

  4. Those are wonderful shots, Farrah!

    So sorry that you had to relocate, but at least you're making the most of your time in Melbourne!

    God bless,

  5. As always INcredible! Gosh, I'd love for you to take my pictures some day, ;)

  6. Wow, super gorgeous model. Good pics