She's always singing...

I had a visit the other day from a dear Melbournian friend, she's more like a younger sister that I never had. We shall call her Miss K. She stayed the night with us and we had a little adventure and by adventure I mean shopping, walking around exploring Sydney singing silly songs.
Miss K is getting baptised next week proclaiming her faith to the world in front of her friends and family. A pretty bold move for a pretty amazing lady. I'm very excited for her. It's going to be a priviledge to see her next week making that commitment.

So while walking around I took the 5DMKII out for a play, I miss film already. Is this a good or a bad thing?

I will leave you with this song - so much happiness. Happy Wednesday y'all.



  1. i was wondering when you got the 5dmkII! yeew! love the shots xx

  2. Yeah it's been a bit hectic with the move, so glad I finally have it now. Looking forward to taking more photos with it. But I do love my film!

  3. oh wow you have amazing pictures (: i would love to go to melbourne ^^
    btw which camera do you use?

    CMPang x

  4. loving your black and whites so much!

  5. Aw! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome day. :D I love "adopted" sisters. I have a best friend who is like the big sis I never had. <3

    Thanks so much for the compliment on my sweater! I'm pretty much crazy about it. :D

  6. Oh thanks for the lovely comments ladies xx