A little adventure

Hola hola, bonjour, hello

Yes, I've still been quiet but for a good reason.

So here's the deal...my very nerdy husband was given the opportunity to work in Sydney for a project and of course we decided to take it on. The company I work for has a head office in Sydney so I just transferred. It all happened so quickly within a few weeks. And well, now we're living in Sydney. :) :)

It's so easy for me to stay comfortable in my own little bubble, same job, same house, same everything. I've been feeling  too comfortable, lazy and unmotivated. Lately I've been itching for change which is quite strange because I don't like change very much, I don't think many of us do.
This little Sydney opportunity is a small dose of a good change, and it's exactly what we need.

I'm truly loving Sydney. I'm only a 5 minutes walk to work, I have a gym and a pool in my apartment building, shops are down the road and I literally have a camera store as well as a little cupcake shop right near our apartment...need I say more?

It has been difficult being away from my family as well as my friends and church community. But I'm sure it will pass very quickly and there's so much to look forward to in Sydney. Like being closer to Wayne's family, great Sydney weather, exploring New South Wales, and meeting new people.

Hello, Sydney.

Melbourne, I will miss you.



  1. so exciting farrah! sounds amazing xx

  2. thank you B! it is pretty amazing but we're so flat out at the same time. Three trips to Melbourne in November! including the wedding ;)

  3. Insane! haley mentioned this post. it is with sadness and excitement i read this. Sounds like a great turn of events for you two :).

  4. Thanks Junior! it's definitely something we've been praying about. Hopefully we'll see you both soon, come visit :)